B+ Cubensis Spores

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B+ Cubensis Spores

B+ cubensis spores vials are produced under sterile conditions and should be kept dark and refrigerated (2-8°C) to increase the shelf life of the spores.

Who doesn’t know about the B+ magic mushroom?  this all-round cubensis is one of the strongest

“survivors” on the market.  Because the B+ is so

resilient, it can even grow well in colder temperatures and can easily be spawned outside.  B+ can grow mushrooms as long as your underarm.  B+ is so efficient that it only stops fruiting when there are close to zero nutrients around and the mycelium can no longer be supported.  When you are new to mycology, this strain is a very good one to start off with.

Vial vs Syringes

B+ cubensis spore vials are superior to the spore syringes in most fields.  Get the best results when cultivating B+ magic mushrooms with this quality spore vial.  Using spore vials will result in a higher success rate

in the colonization and fruiting process.

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