Spectrum 10 Organic Multi Mushroom Extract Capsules

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Our Spectrum 10 Organic Multi-Mushroom Extract Capsules is formulated for overall wellness and total system support, so you can function at your highest level.  Each concentrated vegan capsule is crafted from 10 of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms traditionally used for improved focus and clarity, energy and metabolic support, and optimized immune function.

Formulated for maximum potency, bioavailability, and absorption, North Spore’s supplements are made with concentrated certified organic extracts made from 100% fruiting bodies and sclerotia.  Because we use concentrated extracts instead of dried and ground mushrooms, our supplements pack exponentially more of the medicinal compounds found in each species.

Each capsule contains:

  • Lion’s Mane (8: 1) – 66.7mg
  • Chaga (8: 1) – 66.7mg
  • Cordyceps (10: 1) – 66.7mg
  • Reishi (8: 1) – 66.7mg
  • Turkey Tail (8: 1) – 66.7mg
  • Maitake (10: 1) – 33.3mg
  • Shiitake (8: 1) – 33.3mg
  • Poria (1: 1) – 33.3mg
  • Tremella (1: 1) (33.3mg
  • Phellinus (1: 1) 33.3mg


Each bottle contains 60 vegan, non-GMO capsules, which is a 60 day supply.

Recommended use:

Our mushroom extract capsules are meant to be taken 1 x daily in the AM or as needed.


Capsules are packaged in a recyclable glass bottle.

Quality & testing:

The finished extracts are tested for purity and medicinal compound content before being encapsulated.  Certificate of Analysis

Organic certification:

Organic Certifiers is USDA accredited, ISO 17065, and has been certifying the organic community since 1996. They were also one of the first accredited by the USDA in 2002.

Cautions & Considerations:

Do not consume if you are allergic to mushrooms or pullulan.

While mushroom extracts are natural, it’s important that you consult a physician before taking any supplement if you have a health condition or are taking prescription medications.  Our Spectrum 10 blend contains mushroom species that can potentially interact with medications prescribed to suppress the immune system, regulate blood clotting, regulate blood sugar, and regulate blood pressure.

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